EXS was founded by MPS Enterprises, von Rundstedt HR Partners, Germany and EXS, Italy. With 40 years of experience within Executive Search, our target is to fulfil the needs of internationally competitive clients and to provide outstanding and personalized Executive Search Consulting worldwide.

EXS operates with a strong local knowledge that allows us to assist our clients around the world, covering the most important industry sectors, including multinational corporations, mid-cap and start up companies and non profit entities.



We conduct our business activities with integrity and avoid actions that are deceptive or misleading.
We adhere to a code of ethics, recognizing our responsibilities when providing solutions that can have a relevant impact on the lives of others.


We serve our clients loyally and protect clients’ interests when performing assignments.
We handle our relationship with clients and candidates with great care.


We believe in working in partnership with our clients, promoting the mutual benefit. We foster a long-term relationship and always strive to improve it.

Problem-solving culture

We can add greater value to our clients to solve their problems in a consistent manner.
We always put our clients’ interests first. Our search process is tailored to meet the needs of each client.


We place quality at the centre of everything we do to continually improve our service to clients.
We fully invest in the development of our own people and pursue a strong dedication to quality.

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