"I’m very happy with your assistance in this crucial search. The candidate’s extensive backround, his experience in both HR and operational roles and in leading change was precisely what we needed." 

CEO, Italian Multinational Pharmaceutical Company


"You succeded in understanding thoroughly our organizational culture and structure, and we made the ideal choice!"

HR Director, International Chemical Company


"We do thanks you for the professionality and the spirit of partnership you demonstrated. Your market knowledge and the consultants’ expertise have been of great benefit. We look forward to working with you in the future."

VP Marketing, FMCG Italian Company


"Thank you very much for the outstanding performance while filling more than ten Partner-, Director- and Senior Manager Positions as well as the maximum score for professionality, communication, commitment and promptitude."

Head of Industry, global auditing and consulting services organisation


"We consider the cooperation with EXS and the filling of numerous positions at all levels and in all domains of our company during the past three years to be a success story. We would work with you again at any time."

Head of HR, international Financial Institution


"Your exceptional commitment and your sustainability in this complex search lead to success. I appreciate the short paths, the excellent market research, the transparency of the reporting and the personal support. It was fun!"

General Manager of a mid-tier in the beverage industry